How BridgeEdU’s Student Retention Program Increases Revenue

How BridgeEdU’s Student Retention Program Increases Revenue

It’s no secret that students are the heartbeat of your college campus.

The persistence and retention of students is a postsecondary institution’s most critical performance indicator, as well as its most nuanced challenge. Ongoing decreases in the number of college applicants further compound the importance of each student’s success. 

Unfortunately, students that lack fundamental college navigational skills (Pell-eligible, first-gen) need more than one-size-fits-all success initiatives can offer. Without a more comprehensive solution, community success and your bottom line are negatively affected– a lose-lose situation for all.

Anticipating and addressing student need and supporting achievement requires a costly investment. But, BridgeEdU understands that higher education administrators are also responsible for maintaining a healthy budget. To that end, we’ve done some of the heavy liftings for you. We released a new ROI calculator quantifying your school’s specific return on investment with BridgeEdU’s holistic retention program.

To use the calculator, directly input your school’s data and see if BridgeEdU is right for your institution. Many schools find that BridgeEdU more than pays for itself.

Who should try this calculator?

BridgeEdU is not a general retention solution; specialization is what makes us useful. We deliver the best value to schools whose staff work hard each year to retain students of promise (first-gen, low-income) but need an extra hand addressing enrollment and persistence challenges beyond institutional capacity.