BridgeEdU to Co-Sponsor Baltimore’s First Citywide College Signing Day

BridgeEdU to Co-Sponsor Baltimore’s First Citywide College Signing Day

What is Baltimore College Signing day?

In 2014, former First Lady, Michelle Obama, kicked off the College Signing Day celebration in San Antonio, Texas with 1,200 high school graduates pledging to pursue a college degree or certificate. Today, schools, access organizations and others working to increase college access and completion hosts over 1,500 College Signing Day celebrations across the nation. This year, Baltimore adds to that number.

On May 11, at the Royal Farms arena, BridgeEdU will co-host Baltimore’s inaugural College Signing Day to spotlight over 5,000 Baltimore City Public School school graduates choosing to pursue post-secondary education or join the military, and inspire their peers to Reach Higher as well.


Expectations Matter: It Starts With A College-Going Culture
Encouraging students to develop post-secondary career goals is essential in setting the stage for ongoing educational attainment. BridgeEdU recognizes that supporting a college-going culture is a crucial first step in closing the college access gap. Before completing the FAFSA or register for their first semester of classes, students must first be motivated and committed to pursuing a college degree.

The data is clear: young adults have a more significant economic opportunity and overall improved quality of life when they earn a degree or other meaningful credential after high school. College Signing Day is a celebratory event that reinforces the message that the extended community has high hopes and expectations for its young people.

BridgeEdU is fully committed to partnering with community stakeholders to further the efforts of bringing more students, especially first-generation students, into the college completion journey. Historically, only 50% of Baltimore’s high school graduates go to college immediately after graduation. To that end, Baltimore College Signing Day serves as a community engagement opportunity for setting a new standard for high school graduates.

Expectation theory is foundational to BridgeEdU. Creating opportunities for students of promise to further their academic and career goals through a comprehensive support model is at the core of BridgeEdU’s mission.

Our coaching program reinforces the importance of persistence even though many students often receive competing messages that can determine which cultural values they internalize and sometimes negatively impacts their decision-making. We, therefore, depend on the broader community to reinforce high expectations and to ensure there are opportunities for students to receive the support they need to pursue post-secondary opportunities.

BridgeEdU founder, Wes Moore, reminds us that ensuring equitable educational opportunities is a more than a moral imperative and affects the entire nation’s well-being, “If you’re not going to do it to be selfless, then do it to be selfish. If you’re not going to do it because it’s the right thing to do, then do it because it makes your life better. Because the best way to live in a community that is safe and prosperous is to make sure everybody in that community feels safe and prosperous.”

We invite you to join Baltimore in the movement to champion a college-going culture by wearing college apparel and showing support for post-secondary education via social media. Let Baltimore youth know that pursuing higher learning is expected, praised, admirable, and within their reach.

Social media interaction is encouraged using the hashtags #CollegeSigningDay, #BetterMakeRoom,#ReachHigherBmore, #WeWill and #MyBmore. Stay connected by following @ReachHigherBmore on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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