New Summer Bridge Programs A Success!

New Summer Bridge Programs A Success!

New Summer Programs Focused on Workforce Prep and Higher Education Options for High School Graduates in Baltimore

Grads2Career Intern Spotlight. Congrats Tyrese! #meant4more #mybmore #thefuture

Grads2Career Intern Spotlight. Congrats Tyrese!  #meant4more #mybmore #thefuture


Tyrese Sampson is precisely the kind of Baltimore City high school graduate Grads2Careers was hoping to meet.

In spring 2018, he was encouraged by his friend to apply to the Grads2Careers program. Tyrese is now part of an inaugural cohort of Baltimore City high school graduates and plans to pursue cabling. Cabling refers to all of the underground and above wires and cables that are the backbone of our telecommunications networks.

“I will continue to educate myself on certain things and other fields to get into. I’m big on self education. I want to get into flipping houses. Cabling will help me save money for real estate. I don’t want to pay everybody to do the work. I want to do something for myself.”


Grads2Careers interns and instructors at the end of summer program celebration. Tyrese Sampson shown on top right in black t-shirt.

Grads2Careers interns and instructors at the end of summer program celebration. Tyrese Sampson shown on top right in black t-shirt.


Grads2Careers offers ten different tracks in automotive, biotechnology, construction, healthcare, information technology, information and communications technology, distribution & logistics, and surveying fields. Grads2Careers is a partnership between Baltimore City Public Schools, the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development, and Baltimore’s Promise.



Post-secondary pathways covered in Bridge EdU’s summer program include higher ed prep (BCCC/MSP) or workforce development (G2C)

In early July, the Washington Post reported that President Donald Trump signed an executive order to bolster vocational training, creating a National Council for the American Workers and a Workforce Policy Advisory Board. The new push aims to increase the number of skilled workers in the U.S. workforce, at a time when many companies are struggling to find qualified employees. As part of our mission, BridegEdU’s career and college pathways programs prepare young people for their career goals. This summer BridgeEdU launched two new bridge programs, one focused on workforce prep, and the other supporting students in their transition to college.


BCCC MSP Success Coaches in their Scholar Pride t-shirts.


Leveraging the Power of Educational Bridge Programs to Support Workforce Development

Summer youth employment programs are relatively popular national strategies proven to reduce violence and property crime among participants. But not all work experiences are equal, and little research exists about how these programs achieve impact or influence long-term employment and educational outcomes: some include learning opportunities and engaged supervisors, but many do not.

What sets BridgeEdU apart? We design our programs to address specific challenges so that the students and institutions we serve can achieve measurable success.

Program Challenges

Our workforce prep bridge program responds to the challenges that partner institutions meet when serving students of promise. Using the power of our data-driven coaching model to develop a comprehensive solution, BridgeEdU identifies the barriers to success for each intern:

  1. Overall lack of college or career readiness, low self-confidence, and limited family support to persist through the training program.
  2. Lack of awareness of the value of post-secondary options to attain a sustainable career.
  3. Minimal to no financial literacy or planning skills. 



#Meant4More at BridgeEdU


Designing New Workforce Solutions

BridgeEdU leveraged the practical framework workforce programs provide, allowing students to take a more active role in their education. Grads2Careers is an intense seven-week workforce development program for high school graduates. The workforce-related Bridge program addresses the above risk challenges by:

  1. Building confidence, social capital, and a community of learning resources through workforce experience and skill-development courses to reduce learning anxiety and practice using support resources.
  2. Reflecting on workforce experience to set career-minded educational goals and boost agency in their learning journey.
  3. Providing financial aid and financial literacy training so that students can create personal budgets, develop a relationship with a banking institution, and save for their future.


Supporting the Transition from High School to College

The Mayor’s Scholars Program (MSP) at Baltimore City Community College, is a seven-week college transition program for students involved in a free community college program. The MSP program integrates the full suite of BridgeEdU services and interventions to support academic momentum among students, including:

  • In-depth student academic assessments, college-success needs assessments, and career inventories
  • Tailored and accelerated academic tutoring
  • Financial aid education and financial literacy focused on understanding planning for the cost of attendance 
  • Tools and workshops to build personal and professional social capital
  • Dashboards and mobile alerts to track incremental progress


You can learn more about BridgeEdU’s success in working with community colleges here.

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