2019 is the Year of Student Success!

2019 is the Year of Student Success!

At BridgeEdU, our New Year’s Resolution is to support all students this spring.

After working directly with hundreds of students of promise (underserved, underrepresented) here’s our top five resolutions towards student success.

BridgeEdU’s Top Five Resolutions

#5) Make a Personal Connection

How well do you know your students? Make a commitment this year to know a few that you just – don’t. Many students of promise may struggle with trust at first. Find one thing that you can connect with them on (sports team, hobby, etc.) and start the conversation!

#4) Know The Campus

So many resources – Which would benefit your students the most? Based on the questions they ask, make a simple list with the most helpful resources for the students you advise.

#3) Create Personal Space

Before you head back to the hustle and bustle, allow 5 minutes each day to BREATHE. You’ll be more patient and open when your head is in the right space.

#2) Measure Your Work

What gets measured gets done. Set a metric-driven student success goal and monitor it. Share your success and challenges in a way where you can track impact and progress. How many students should you speak with a week? What percent is a reasonable response percentage?

#1) Be Proactive

Don’t wait for students to come to you. Reach out to those who you have not heard from TODAY. Make it a quest to see if you can get them to respond and connect.

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