Our goal is to remove the barriers inherent in higher education for the underserved student population and allow them to achieve success to their fullest potential.

“Potential is universal, but opportunity is not.
The space between is where we come in.”

– Wes Moore, Founder of BridgeEdU


A college degree is a beacon of hope for a better life. At BridgeEdU, we believe that all students—regardless of their background or circumstance—should have access to post-secondary education opportunities.


But for underserved students, access alone is not enough. Students of promise often require an additional level of support to navigate the complexities of higher education, as well as balance academic, financial, and personal challenges.


Enter BridgeEdU. Our unwavering commitment to underserved students allows us to deliver on our education equity mission with proactive student support that has been proven to improve outcomes.


Through our three-pillar approach—training and change management services, technology-based solutions, and direct-to-student programs—BridgeEdU can help your institution deliver on its promise to students.

Training and Change Management Services

Strengthen capacity and impact for students who need the most support.

Technology-Based Solutions

Increase the productivity and reach of student success teams with our robust technology solutions.

Direct-to-Student Programs

Support students of promise with bridge and on-site programs to ensure college- and career-readiness.

Case Studies

Grads2Careers helps Baltimore City graduates enter free job training and find employment in careers of interest.

CCBC and BridgeEdU have created an innovative curriculum that allows for early academic success and stronger retention.

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