As high school counselors, you know which students will need intensive support to get through the first years of college. These support systems are meant to not only address academic obstacles but also target other known barriers that often come with students of promise.


While many college campuses offer support, students of promise may not be aware of—or seek—these services. These students require more active engagement by the institution. BridgeEdU provides institutions with proactive strategies to ensure students navigate challenges and become their personal best.


If you think BridgeEdU would be beneficial to your students, let us know which institutions they are applying to, and we will contact college or university personnel. Your students deserve a smooth transition with all the supports they need to ensure success. Let us work together to get BridgeEdU to all applicable institutions.

Case Studies

The Mayor’s Scholars Program (MSP) is a College Promise Initiative offering scholarships for high school students to attend Baltimore City Community College.

For Coppin State, the BridgeEdU program is a new source of qualified and motivated students that are far more likely to stay and graduate.

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