Financial Aid Coaching Tool

Financial Aid Coaching Tool

Nearly 4 million students drop out of college with debt, and 2 million students who qualify for aid do not apply. BridgeEdU’s Financial Aid Coaching Tool (FACT) addresses these issues by providing actionable financial intelligence. FACT brings together two vital elements for college success: academic momentum and its impact on short- and long-term financial investments in college.


FACT features:


• Easy-to-read dashboards to show the status of academic standing, overall financial health, and financial package strength;
• Different views for administrators, counselors, and students;
• Actionable data and recommendations; and
• The ability to work in tandem with broader student success nudging programs.


We guarantee that our FACT tool will make an impact in the first year for all stakeholders. Be one of the first institutions to use the FACT tool. As a pilot institution, you will receive numerous benefits.


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