All higher education institutions want to improve their retention and graduation rates for underserved students, and they want to do so in a manner that delivers a return on investment. However, existing efforts have failed to drive meaningful retention and graduation gains. For institutions that want to surpass national averages, research has shown that some students require more intrusive intervention than what is currently offered.


BridgeEdU’s three-pillar approach is grounded in data and analytics to strengthen persistence and improve performance for students of promise. These solutions offered to college and university partners not only enhance academic achievement, but they also deliver significant returns on investment.


With the appropriate academic and non-academic supports, students of promise can achieve equal success as other student groups. BridgeEdU empowers you to deliver positive change for your students and institution.

Case Studies

CCBC and BridgeEdU have created an innovative curriculum that allows for early academic success and stronger retention.

The Mayor’s Scholars Program (MSP) is a College Promise Initiative offering scholarships for high school students to attend Baltimore City Community College.

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