BridgeEdU works with students like you to help you seize all opportunities unapologetically. You have a right to an education. BridgeEdU will advocate for you, support you, and push you to the finish line. We see you for all you are—and all you can be—despite the challenges that may be in front of you.


You can succeed in college. But you need the opportunity and a support framework. Our founder, Wes Moore, has walked in your shoes and became a Rhodes scholar at Oxford University. Today, BridgeEdU works relentlessly to ensure that you and your peers can earn that degree and seize all the opportunities that you desire.


We expect and believe that you can achieve your personal best. That’s why we call you a “student of promise.”


Throughout this journey, the BridgeEdU team will help you navigate the academic, financial, and social challenges to ensure you have agency in your education.

Case Studies

For Coppin State, the BridgeEdU program is a new source of qualified and motivated students that are far more likely to stay and graduate.

Grads2Careers helps Baltimore City graduates enter free job training and find employment in careers of interest.

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