By optimizing existing student support programs, institutions can strengthen the persistence of underserved students, and improve retention and graduation rates by as much as 9 percent. Our training and change management services boost your team’s capacity to intrusively support the students who need it most.

Strategic Support

Many institutions are increasing their awareness and support for underserved students. BridgeEdU can work with you to enhance your existing services and programs, and ensure that intrusive advising and financial planning are parts of the broader strategic effort.

Intensive Training

Intrusive (or proactive) advising starts with understanding your students, forming a personal relationship, and pushing in to proactively address potential barriers. Our training helps advisors increase their knowledge of proactive advisement, which allows for more impactful coaching sessions.

Program Evaluation

Institutions have many programs that address retention and persistence, often with different goals and populations in mind. BridgeEdU has the experience to conduct a program evaluation and create a list of effective recommendations, specifically to serve students of promise.

Case Studies

For Coppin State, the BridgeEdU program is a new source of qualified and motivated students that are far more likely to stay and graduate.

CCBC and BridgeEdU have created an innovative curriculum that allows for early academic success and stronger retention.